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Beloved Burden: Baby Wearing around the world- I.C. van Hout. Beloved Burden shows that historically, and in a worldwide perspective, not carrying our babies is the exception. This abundantly illustrated book gives examples from around the world. Geschreven in de Engelse taal.

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    Beloved Burden Describes and illustrates baby carriers from many different global cultures.some baby carriers are beautiful fort heir simplicity, while others are richly decorated and resemble true artworks.
    Even today the use of baby carriers in many culures is widespread. Whether it is to free up your hands, to transport your baby, to protect your child from harm or to reinforce the bonding process.

    More and more parents in the West are using long woven or elasticised cloths that safely horld a sitting or reclining baby against the carrier’s back or chest.The quantity of ergonomic baby carriers continues to increase each day. And for those who struggle to tie a knot in piece of fabric, there are handy baby carriers that, worn like a rucksack on the back, evenly distribute the weight of the child over the carrier’s body.

    While researching the ways in which children in diverse cultures are carried, the authors were surprised by the many different approaches and ideas they encountered about pregnancy and birth, and caring for and raising children. Physicians maintain that close physical proximity to a parent has a positive effect on a baby’s development: babies who are carried appear to ber more contented than children who spend a lot of time in push chairs.